The Right Way to Store and Clean Your Books

The Right Way to Store and Clean Your BooksAlthough we live in the era of digital revolution and we are enabled to get any book in an electronic format, the physical books will never get out of fashion. If you are a book lover who is always up to date with the latest trends, you probably have a kindle or you had at one point considered buying one. Anyway, being a passionate book lover and having piles of books waiting for you to get some free time and read them all takes its toll. If you want to protect them from any negative impacts and keep your place spick and span, you’d better read on and get familiar with the right way for book storing and maintenance. Continue reading


How to keep the house clean when you have guests for family gatherings?

How to keep the house clean when you have guests for family gatherings?As a dedicated homeowner, you have established a cleaning routine and you firmly stick to it. However, holidays pose a challenge to preserving the cleanliness, especially if you are about to play host to several family gatherings. Instead of putting up with the inevitable mess and spills that will most probably occur, you’d better take adequate measures in advance and save yourself the exhausting scrubbing when your guests leave. Here are the main areas you should pay attention to: Continue reading

Clean wax spills from any surface – full guide!

Clean wax spills from any surfaceYou are having a romantic dinner and the candle that was burning for good two hours was accidentally knocked over on your precious tablecloth – amazing, now everything is covered in wax! We are sure you`ve been there – even though you are not into romantic dinners wax mishaps happen all the time. There are some basics things you should know – first of all make sure your candles are of good quality as cheap ones have a lot of additives that may make removing the stain completely a hard task. Second, don’t forget using a candle holder – make sure it`s big enough to hold the spillovers. Third, never blow out your candles (hey, except it is your birthday)! Yes, you may be tempted as this is what you would naturally do but you can easily make a spill by harshly blowing out and guess what – this is how you will get a wax spot on the tablecloth. To put out the flame use a snuffer or a shot glass held over until the candle isn’t burning anymore. However, if you still managed to make a wax mess around your house, don`t panic as there are proven methods to clean it from almost any surface. You have to be patient but they will definitely work – check them out below. Continue reading

12 essential tips for dusting

12 essential tips for dustingEveryone wants a flawless and beautiful home, but this is not easily achieved. Perfect results require time and a lot of effort. Certainly, you have plenty of various duties, so you can’t always clean as much thoroughly as you want. In such moments you need assistance. There are some tricks that will greatly help you. As for dusting, here are 10 tips that may be very useful to you:

  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans – here comes the bendable duster. It is not expensive and its best advantage is that you can make it fit any light configuration. No ladders will be necessary anymore.

Continue reading

How to protect your furniture during a move out?

How to protect your furniture during a move out?Moving out of a property is without a shadow of a doubt an overwhelming task that requires you to put your impeccable organisational skills into practice and spend your free time in packing your stuff. Well, the smaller items are easier to transport as you can just put them in boxes and write down to which room the stuff from a particular box belongs to. But what about the bulky items such as kitchen appliances and furniture? They are not only difficult to carry, but they also need special attention when it comes to the transportation itself. If handled improperly, your expensive sofa and stools might get severely damaged, which therefore leads to unnecessary expenses. Let’s discuss the must-do procedures you have to perform in order to avoid damages to the furniture when you have to move house: Continue reading

Maintain your upholstered furniture flawless – techniques and smart tips!

Maintain your upholstered furniture flawless - techniques and smart tips!There is no doubt, that upholstered furniture is very comfortable and meanwhile beautiful. Nowadays, you may find great variety of patterns, colours and textures, that will suit any taste, interior design and budget. Upholstered furniture is in every home around the world. Despite the affordable prices, upholstered furniture represents a serious financial investment, so you need to know the techniques, that will help you to maintain it in flawless condition as long as possible. It’s not even difficult to take a good care of your furnishings, in case you are informed about the specific features of various fabrics. Read carefully the lines below and apply the described smart tips and techniques in your everyday life: Continue reading

Can the cleaning detergents you are using be the reason for your dry skin?

Can the cleaning detergents you are using be the reason for your dry skin?All of us dream about having a nice and soft skin but a lot of factors make the exact opposite – they dry our skin and it loses its glow. When you notice your skin being dry, try finding the reason behind it as soon as possible. Some recent researches have showed that one of the main reasons for dry skin is using chemical cleaning products. The problem is that usually companies don’t tell us what exactly is in the bottles you are buying. Manufacturers recommend their frequent use but this means repeated exposures to these harmful chemicals. Long-term exposure to certain toxic products is linked to serious health issues that not only concern your skin but problems like breast cancer, asthma, different allergies and even birth defects. Read on and get familiar with the consequences concerning your skin when using strong detergents. Continue reading

Why vinegar is not always a good choice for cleaning your house?

Why vinegar is not always a good choice for cleaning your house?Vinegar is well-known for its amazing cleaning properties when it comes to the tedious domestic chores but this doesn’t mean your true assistant should be considered as an all-purpose detergent. Some surfaces can’t handle its acidic nature and from a beloved helper you can turn it into your worst enemy because you neglected this fact. Yes, vinegar is easily accessible in every house and often you will find it in different recipes for homemade eco-friendly cleaning products. However, it’s not always an appropriate option – read on to see which are the surfaces and materials you should not clean with vinegar. Continue reading

Colours which will make the living room welcoming

Colours which will make the living room welcomingEveryone wants a perfect home. This is why even small details are important. If you have set a similar goal, then it is very important to know what impact different colours have. Read the following lines and find out the nine most welcoming shades for your living room. Continue reading

How to clear blocked shower drain

How to clear blocked shower drainBathroom is often considered one of the most problematic areas at home as it needs regular disinfection and a lot of efforts put into keeping it in a good condition. A blocked shower drain is definitely among the troubles everyone has dealt with at least once. If you have the same problem and you are wondering which is the best approach apart from calling a specialist, you should definitely read on: Continue reading

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