Have Some Spare Cornstarch on Hand?

In every household, there is a pack of cornstarch hiding in some kitchen cabinet. In this article, you will learn how to make the best use of it besides from thickening soups and tomato pastes. Believe it or not, cornstarch is a versatile household product which has numerous of applications. It is inexpensive and can […]

How to keep the house clean when you have guests for family gatherings?

As a dedicated homeowner, you have established a cleaning routine and you firmly stick to it. However, holidays pose a challenge to preserving the cleanliness, especially if you are about to play host to several family gatherings. Instead of putting up with the inevitable mess and spills that will most probably occur, you’d better take […]

Can the cleaning detergents you are using be the reason for your dry skin?

All of us dream about having a nice and soft skin but a lot of factors make the exact opposite – they dry our skin and it loses its glow. When you notice your skin being dry, try finding the reason behind it as soon as possible. Some recent researches have showed that one of […]

Why vinegar is not always a good choice for cleaning your house?

Vinegar is well-known for its amazing cleaning properties when it comes to the tedious domestic chores but this doesn’t mean your true assistant should be considered as an all-purpose detergent. Some surfaces can’t handle its acidic nature and from a beloved helper you can turn it into your worst enemy because you neglected this fact. […]

Surprising health benefits of washing the dishes

According to many surveys, washing the dishes is considered one of the most tedious jobs and it is not  a surprise that many families make a schedule where every member of the family is supposed to wash the dishes over a certain period. Admittedly, nobody likes spending their time in scrubbing greasy pans and many […]

How to clean glass hob in just 3 steps

You may have an excellent and stylish kitchen interior, but a dirty hob can ruin everything. Unfortunately, glass hobs get dirty very easily even if you cook something like boiled eggs or tomato sauce. When you cook, you are dropping little pieces of food that eventually gets dry and stuck on the glass.  You don’t […]

What is dirtier than the toilet?

Scientists from the University of Birmingham made another shocking revelation. Children’s car seats, which almost every family uses are dirtier than the toilet. For this research experts analyzed samples of twenty cars and homes. In the samples of the car seats they found averagely one hundred potentially dangerous fungi and bacteria, while the amount of […]