Water- Resistant Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Kitchen is a room that faces many different types of stains on a daily basis. This is why the installation of an appropriate flooring solution is very important – some flooring types are more prone to water damage than others and this is why you should be careful when you are considering the pros and […]

Cost- Effective & Environmentally- Friendly Flooring for Your Home!

Many homeowners that want a major change in their property want to install a high-quality flooring solution – some of them just want to boost the value of the property, some of them are looking for comfort and cosiness. However, when you are installing new flooring, you have so many different options on the market […]

Maintain your upholstered furniture flawless – techniques and smart tips!

There is no doubt, that upholstered furniture is very comfortable and meanwhile beautiful. Nowadays, you may find great variety of patterns, colours and textures, that will suit any taste, interior design and budget. Upholstered furniture is in every home around the world. Despite the affordable prices, upholstered furniture represents a serious financial investment, so you […]

How to clear blocked shower drain

Bathroom is often considered one of the most problematic areas at home as it needs regular disinfection and a lot of efforts put into keeping it in a good condition. A blocked shower drain is definitely among the troubles everyone has dealt with at least once. If you have the same problem and you are […]

Get rid of the crap in your basement for good

Be honest, what kind of things do you keep in your basement? We are almost certain that there are tons of useless items such as ten-year-old toys, broken appliances you are never going to fix, dusty old clothes you will never going to wear again, etc. These objects occupy the entire space in your basement […]

What do you know about Venetian plaster?

Venetian plaster comes to us from the era of Roman antiquity and the Renaissance. It gives personality to any room, while its artistic charm is due not only to the ancient origin, but also to the fact that many of the great Italian artists such as Raphael, used this decorative plaster for the basis of […]

Making your small kitchen cozier – tips

Small kitchens have become quite common these days. With the narrowing trend in home buildings – houses and apartments – the space for the cooking plus eating zone seems to get extremely small. But do not worry, dear housekeepers, even though small, a kitchen can be yet comfortable and neat. We have even gathered few […]