5 love lessons good mothers teach their daughters

There is no doubt, that only your mom may teach you certain lessons for love and life. Your elder sister may not have enough wisdom and your granny may not be as relatable. So, if you’re a mother of a daughter, you’re responsible to teach her these 5 important  lessons. Check them out: Advertisements

Manufacturers speak of the big carpet maintenance secrets

When you do not have a clue how to treat something, the best way is to turn for an advice from the source. Speaking of this, probably, most of you are still wondering what the best ways of carpet maintenance and cleaning techniques are. We have asked several manufacturers, who are deeply involved in the […]

How to sanitise the country house in 1 hour after 1 year abandonment?

Having a summer vacation house in the suburbs is a total blessing! No need of booking any hotels with excessive prices and no need to get flights for getting some good resting during the days-off. There is only one inconvenient thing about the summer vacations house, though – it stays abandoned for an entire year […]

Get your porch summer-ready! Cleaning checklist

Weather is getting warmer; we enjoy more and more sunny days. It’s obviously that summer is knocking at our door. But you do not want to welcome it on your dirty, messy porch, do you. First impression is really important, as you know. So it is time to clean your front porch and get its […]

Treating an old stain for the last time

Stains are the worst accents in home interior. They come upon your pretentious look and they can never be hidden or eliminated by your critical valuation of the entire home picture. Usually this happens with the old stains. You can’t stop thinking of them, because they always show up and no matter how hard you […]

How to clean your carpeted stairs

Putting carpeting on the stairs is a certain way to make them look good. It also makes them safe, especially for older people or little children. The atmosphere at home becomes cosy and nice, doesn’t it? But stair carpeting is quite hard for cleaning and maintaining. Keep that in mind before you decide to “decorate” […]

Ultimate reminders for home cleaning

Besides hating it, people also forget about home cleaning. It is very common for them to realise that the house needs some refreshment and overall washing, when the situation is already too observable and unpleasant. Though, this is neither healthy, nor optimal. First of all, you will lose more time, energy and money in performing […]

Clean and neat house, but full of pests – What to do?

The very essential importance behind proper support of the hygiene at home is closely connected with the struggle for a healthy and friendly environment. At some point you may think that sanitising the house will bring only beauty, first-class style and brilliance. Though, all these washing and wiping procedures are actually significant for reducing the […]