How to Get Rid of Mice Efficiently

How to get rid of miceGetting rid of rodents is a challenging task. It seems they are here to stay, they make a lot of mess, not to mention the diseases they can cause, especially if the situation is so serious that you have no choice but to put all your food into containers with tight lids. Anyway, if you have encountered such a trouble, the last thing you have to do is to give up. Here are a few tricks that will help you eliminate those intruders in no time.

  • The first thing that has come up to your mind when you realised that your property has been invaded by mice, probably was to hire professionals to get rid of them. However, before you arrange specialists, you have to keep in mind a few details that go hand in hand with specialised services. If you use the services of a certain cleaning company, you have the right to request only non-toxic cleaning detergents to be used for your cleaning procedure. However, that’s not applicable to the rodents issue. If you arrange professionals, they will use potentially dangerous substances, not to mention you might even be advised to spend a few days away from home. Admittedly, that’s the most efficient way for dealing with rodents, but consider the disadvantages before you make a booking.
  • In case the arguments above have convinced you to refrain yourself from calling a professional company, here are a few poison-free ways to handle the situation on your own. If you want to let nature do everything on your behalf, then, get a cat. If you are not too keen on that idea, keep reading and prepare yourself for the battle.
  • Mice have a really acute sense of smell and therefore, they are attracted by strong scents. In this case, the first thing you can try is to use peppermint essential oil. This solution have a lot of opponents and proponents, so you have to figure out on your own if it works for you or not. All you need is peppermint essential oil and cotton balls. Soak the cotton balls into the essential oil and place them strategically around your property. When you notice that the smell is fading away, replace them. Your local cleaning company points out that beside from keeping mice away, you can use peppermint essential oil to disinfect the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom – because of its great antibacterial properties it will do a perfect job!
  • If the above solution turns ineffective, then, you should take more draconian measures. The following mixture is a way more effective than the peppermint-scented cotton balls, but it requires you to set aside some more time to prepare it. What you need is a large pot, cheesecloth, a spray bottle, a gallon jug, a gallon of plain water, 2 tsp hot pepper flakes and half a cup chopped habaneros. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves and wear a surgical mask if you have respiratory problems.
  • Put the protective mask and gloves and pour the hot water into the large pot. Then, use your kitchen robot/ blender to chop up the peppers and flakes. If you don’t have a blender, you can do that manually, but if you don’t wear goggles, you might irritate your eyes. Put the chopped peppers and flakes into the bucket and pour the hot water over. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours and don’t forget to put a protective lid. The next thing you are supposed to do is to use the cheesecloth to strain out the pepper bits. Pour the solution into another bucket and fill a spray bottle. Once again, apply it strategically around the most problematic areas. You can even spray the carpet, but keep in mind that it will absorb the smell and you will have to eliminate it by booking carpet cleaning. In addition, the solution might cause discolouration, so before you apply it all over the carpet, try it on a small area first. Store the mixture out of direct sunlight.
  • You might be surprised to know that used dryer sheets can help you get rid of mice. All you need is a pile of old dryer sheets. Place them around the house and change them periodically.

The situation with the mice is pretty much like the issue with the cockroaches. If you see even one mouse at home, rest assured that it is not the only one and if you do not take adequate measures, your house might turn into a perfect habitat for the intruders. Of course, if you find yourself unable to deal with the situation on your own, you’d better put up with the fact your home will be “unusable” for a day or two and make a booking with your local company. If you are lucky to find a reliable provider of such kind of services, your rodents issue will be solved once and for good.


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