How to Make Your Cosy Reading Corner at Home

How to Make Your Cosy Reading Corner at HomeIf you spend half of your monthly salary on books, your friends give you books or vouchers for bookstores for your birthday and you can hardly find time to read all the books you have bought, then, there is no doubt that you are a bibliophile. If you are among those people who prefer to grab a good book and make themselves a cup of tea instead of browsing random websites or having nonsense chats in the social networks, you’d better pull your sleeves up, unlock your imagination and set up your comfy reading nook at home. Just imagine waking up in the morning and heading to your cosy reading corner to finish the gripping novel you have read almost in one breath. You don’t need to be an interior designer to achieve that. Check out some fresh ideas below:

  • You are the one who knows best the specifications of your house, so make sure you set up your reading nook in a comfy corner. If needed, rearrange your furniture and set up your reading nook as far away from distracting noises as possible. In this aspect, the living room is not a suitable place especially if you share the house with a roommate, spouse or you have kids. They might want to listen to loud music, watch their favourite show while you are trying to figure out what’s going to happen to your favourite character.
  • Decide what kind of furniture you want your reading corner to feature. Do you want a big upholstered chair or you want a stylish armchair with a cute cushion? Make sure it is comfortable and cosy and don`t skip to call the professionals in upholstery cleaning once or twice per year.
  • Don’t set up your reading corner at a dark place. It would be nice to let the natural light brighten it up. Some people find something romantic about staying up late and reading one chapter after another, so make a trip to the nearest home improvement store and pick up a suitable lamp. Just keep in mind that every new addition to the interior makes your domestic cleaning chores a bit more time-consuming, so consider the minimalist style for your reading nook. If you have placed a small rug beneath the chair, make sure you don’t skip it when you run carpet cleaning.
  • The most important thing about your reading corner is whether you consider it comfortable enough. You should make it look cosy, warm and inviting, so you get impatient to get back home, forget about the rough day at work and head to your escape from reality gateway. Do not blindly follow the latest design trends. Do not add anything you associate with unpleasant experiences or memories be it a souvenir, a picture or even a pen.

How to Make Your Cosy Reading Corner at Home?

  • If you do not live on your own, make sure the people you share the apartment with will not invade your reading corner. Remember what was the first thing you did when you were a kid and you see that the bed is made up or you spot a rocky chair with fluffy cushions? You were impatient to sit on them, just to find out if they are actually as comfortable as they look. Do your best to protect your reading corner from being misused. Let the others know it is your private place. Well, you will encounter difficulties in making your cat or dog understand that they should not use your armchair as a bed, but you can at least protect it from bread crumbs and juice spills.
  • Don’t even bring your phone or laptop to your reading corner. You don’t need more than one socket for the lamp, there is no need to bring any other pieces of electronics.
  • Make sure you always have a snack hidden around your reading corner. Popcorn, a wafer or a candy bar – when you read time flies and you get so absorbed in the book that you just cannot leave it and go to the kitchen to grab something to eat.
  • Buy scented seasonal candles that will help you shake off stress and create the feeling of warmth and cosiness.

Of course, you are not obliged to stick to the aforementioned tips, but they can serve you as a guideline for establishing your comfy area. Unlock your imagination and create a reading corner with curtains or a small sofa. If you have a small closet where you can fit a bench, it can become the perfect reading nook. Basically, the options are endless, but you have to take into account the specifications of your house and make your nook a functional one so you do not encounter difficulties when you perform your domestic cleaning duties.


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