Cost- Effective & Environmentally- Friendly Flooring for Your Home!

Cost- Effective & Environmentally- Friendly Flooring for Your Home!Many homeowners that want a major change in their property want to install a high-quality flooring solution – some of them just want to boost the value of the property, some of them are looking for comfort and cosiness. However, when you are installing new flooring, you have so many different options on the market that you can easily get frustrated. If you are among the ones that want a green option at a cost-effective price, you are in the place. In term ‘green’ there are some factors to be considered – the ability to be recycled, renewed, toxicity to the environment, responsible manufacture and life cycle. Below you will find the best flooring solutions that will bring the desired effect to your property – read on:

  • Bamboo flooring – as bamboo is very renewable as it is one of the fastest growing plants. Its usual harvest cycle is between 3 to 5 years. What you can expect from bamboo flooring is unique looks and durability. It is an affordable eco-friendly flooring option that can complement your living premises – it can withstand tear and wear yet preserve its good looks provided with a good regular maintenance that is relatively easy.
  • Cork flooring – floors are made of the bark of cork trees and it grows back after it is harvested. You should also know that the process of harvesting is regulated in a very strict manner and the damages are kept to a minimum. Many people prefer cork as it provides good insulation and it is very shock-absorbent which means comfort underfoot. You are recommended to install it in the kitchen as if you drop a plate it is less likely to shatter. Cork is produced in tiles and planks. You will love it as it doesn`t accumulate dust and contains a substance that doesn`t let mould, rot and mildew to develop.
  • Eco-friendly carpet – when you are buying a carpet you should always ask from what it is produced. There are certain types of carpet that trap mould and dust as well as some that release chemicals in the air that can result in developing some health problems. Your local carpet supplier recommends installing carpeting made of natural materials – opt for jute, sisal, wool or seagrass. As there are many carpet finishes available, you can spray your carpet with a so-called green carpet finish – it is non-toxic. In general, installing carpet is a good idea as you can save up to 15-20% on your heating bill.   
  • Linoleum flooring – this flooring solution is perfect for pet owners as it is static-free so cleaning hair will be a piece of cake. It is made from flax plants, particularly from the oxidised linseed oil that they produce. As linoleum flooring can last for 30 – 40 years, its production does not have such negative effect on the planet. This flooring solution is sturdy and wear-resistant. If you take a good care of it, it will last a long time. It is water-resistant and non-allergenic – make sure you clean it with pH neutral cleaning product to keep it at its best. It feels comfortable underfoot and you have a wide selection of patterns and colours to choose from.
  • Natural stone flooring – manufacturing flooring from stone is environmentally-friendly as it is recreated by tectonic processes. The things that make it not your most eco-friendly option is the fact that because of its heavy weight the transport impact can be significant. If you want a beautiful long-lasting flooring solution, choose stone floors. They are perfect if you live in a warm climate because of their cool surface. Another plus is that they do not accumulate dust and allergens. In order to make the best decision for your home, you are recommended to visit some flooring showrooms in your area – the assistants will give you more details about each type of stone flooring. For example, if you are installing flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, you should choose a non-porous and hard stone such as slate or granite. If you installing stone floors in your living room, choose softer stone such as limestone or marble. With a regular maintenance and application of sealants, you are promised to enjoy your floor for a long time!
  • Reclaimed hardwood flooring – by this term we mean wood that’s been recycled from framing timbers, beams or another flooring. The use of such materials decreases the waste and prevents from cutting down living trees. This type of flooring is not so popular as it is usually produced on custom.

As you can see there are many different flooring solutions that can be environmentally-friendly. You can choose to be green without shrinking your budget dramatically – any of these floors is a precious investment!


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