7 ways to motivate yourself when you have to perform a task that is far from pleasant

7 ways to motivate yourself when you have to perform a task that is far from pleasantEven if your friends describe you as the most proactive person they have ever met, you are probably like the majority of people who diligently perform their duties just because they have been raised as responsible individuals. Of course, you have every right to get frustrated when you are assigned a project that your co-worker was supposed to complete and you miss the birthday party of your best friend because you had to work overtime. All too often, we do things just because our self-consciousness pushes us. If you have one of those moments when you cannot find any motivation to complete an unpleasant task, here are some tips that might help.

  • The most widespread technique for a successful completion of a task you don’t like is to put it first on your schedule for the day. If you hate doing the house chores on the weekend, set them for Saturday morning when you feel refreshed and full of energy. If carpet cleaning is what you hate most, do it first and then proceed to the next chore or call your local carpet cleaners to do the job for you. Similarly, perform the most tedious and exhausting work tasks in the morning instead of postponing their completion for the end of the day.
  • Think of the benefits you will get from completing the unpleasant task. It might sound a bit selfish, but if you sacrifice your time and put efforts into something you dislike, you have every right to get a reward for your hard work, be it moral or financial. Let’s once again draw the cleaning and work tasks as an example. If you dread to think about moving out and performing an end of tenancy cleaning, just think about the security deposit you will get back and the great facilities you will have at your new place. All too often, managers assign the most difficult tasks to the most skillful employees because they know the job will be done promptly and the quality will not be sacrificed. In this case, you can take pride in being an invaluable asset for your company.
  • Give yourself breaks. Set 10-minute breaks per every half an hour. However, it is important to stay focused and update your status on the social networks during the breaks instead of getting distracted during the 30 minutes you are supposed to utilise in completing the tedious task.
  • Try to make the unpleasant task a bit more bearable. Put your favourite music, get your favourite snacks and if possible, do your job from a place that unlocks your creativity and productivity. No matter if you prefer the comfy couch in the living room or you love the tranquility of the park near your office, the point is to stay concentrated and do your job as well as the others expect.
  • Another useful tool for making the boring job a bit easier is to ask yourself a couple of questions before you even start doing the job. First of all, are all components of the project equally important? If not, remove some of them from the list. Second, think of an innovative approach towards the project. You know that nowadays technologies can help a lot. You can do miracles without having any special technology skills or education.
  • If you are a person who strictly follows schedules, why don’t you try to break the big unpleasant task into smaller, more manageable ones? Let’s presume you have one week to complete the move out cleaning or compile a lengthy report for your manager. Set aside certain time every day to perform a small part of the task. Don’t forget to start with the least pleasant part, though.
  • Get the others involved in the task you consider unpleasant. If all family members do a small portion of the house cleaning project, you will be ready in no time. Meanwhile, you will strengthen the relations with each other through making jokes and having the same goal namely making the house neat and tidy.

Of course, the easiest way to avoid doing a task you don’t like is to delegate it to someone else or just refuse being assigned to it. However, it is not always possible, not to mention you will be considered an unreliable person, unable to take responsibility and work under pressure. Yet, you should set limits and teach yourself to say NO if you feel you are unfairly treated or taken advantage of. Weigh the pros and cons of performing the unpleasant task and if you feel you can do it, go for it. If not, don’t push yourself to do stuff if you can’t see a point in it. After all, life is too short for being anything but happy and content with yourself and your achievements.


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