8 Tips to Protect Your Home from a Robbery

8 Tips to Protect Your Home from a RobberyAlthough we live in the age of technological breakthroughs and everyone can install a security system, burglaries occur on a daily basis. If you live in a neighbourhood where the crime rate is high, but you cannot afford to install a security alarm, you have a reason to be worried, indeed. Every time you go somewhere for a couple of days, the thought that your home might fall a victim of burglars frightens you, right? Everyone, who works in the home security industry, would tell you that if a burglar wants to break into one’s property, there is nothing that can stop them. Yet, you are advised to take the tips below into account and try to minimise the risk of having your stuff stolen:

  • Beware of the people you let into your house. Although some burglars are opportunists, the most experienced ones keep a close eye on your property for some time before they take any actions. If someone knocks on your door to ask for directions says something like: “I was here to clean the carpet last month” or “Thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I delivered your parcel”, don’t hesitate to ask for their names and coordinate with the company they pretend to be employed with. However, some people may be ridiculously precarious – the reputable companies can be trusted and offer warranty even if the employees are left to work unsupervised in your property. If you need your rug cleaned, for instance,  you can book a service, dependable carpet cleaning companies are not to be doubted – feel free to go out and do your business.
  • If you have recently bought expensive pieces of electronics, avoid placing them directly across the window. It is also important to take care of the boxes. You are not advised to throw them in the trash bin. First of all, burglars have “an eye for detail”, so they will definitely notice the boxes. Plus, if your piece of electronics breaks down, you might be required to bring it back to the store in its original box. When you have to move out, these boxes will also be useful. You can either transport your pieces of electronics or collect your stuff before the end of tenancy cleaning.
  • Invest in good lockers. There is a pretty good reason why some door lockers are more expensive than others. Apart from that, make sure you always lock the windows when you go out. According to police data, most burglars break into someone’s house through an open window. Secure the shed roof as well.
  • Don’t neglect the house exterior and the landscaping in particular. If you have strategically planted roses right under the windows, you should not allow them to overgrow or the burglars might sneak out and no one can notice them.
  • When you are going to be away for a few days, create the impression that you are at home. If you have a friend or a neighbour you can trust, give them a pair of keys and ask them to go and turn the lights on in the evening and turn them off in the morning.
  • There is no better indication that there is no one in the house than the empty driveway. Leaving your car on the driveway while you are away, makes it a potential victim of thieves and vandals, but you can ask your neighbour to park their car into your place. Alternatively, you can temporarily “rent” the driveway to a member of the construction crew down the road or somebody who is having a hard time finding a parking spot in your area.
  • If you think you have the time and the money to have a pet, don’t hesitate to get a dog. Although most pet owners regard their dogs as family members, rather than guards, the larger breeds such as a German shepherd or a Rottweiler can definitely keep the burglars at bay. However, don’t forget that having a pet is a huge responsibility and it is also associated with a lot of expenses for food, vaccines, toys, etc.
  • What about the jewellery and expensive pieces of art? The best way to keep them safe is to have your own secret place or why not a secret door. Under no circumstances should you leave expensive necklaces or earrings on your nightstand or drawer. Here is one trick. According to police reports, kids’ rooms in robbed houses are rarely an appealing spot for burglars. After all, they are looking for expensive stuff and the toys of your 5-year-old kid are not attractive target at all. So, if you cannot establish your secret room, just use the kids’ room for storing valuable possessions.

It seems that there is no foolproof method for keeping burglars away from your property, but the aforementioned tips are definitely helpful, so don’t hesitate to apply them the next time you are out of town for a few days.


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