Clean wax spills from any surface – full guide!

Clean wax spills from any surfaceYou are having a romantic dinner and the candle that was burning for good two hours was accidentally knocked over on your precious tablecloth – amazing, now everything is covered in wax! We are sure you`ve been there – even though you are not into romantic dinners wax mishaps happen all the time. There are some basics things you should know – first of all make sure your candles are of good quality as cheap ones have a lot of additives that may make removing the stain completely a hard task. Second, don’t forget using a candle holder – make sure it`s big enough to hold the spillovers. Third, never blow out your candles (hey, except it is your birthday)! Yes, you may be tempted as this is what you would naturally do but you can easily make a spill by harshly blowing out and guess what – this is how you will get a wax spot on the tablecloth. To put out the flame use a snuffer or a shot glass held over until the candle isn’t burning anymore. However, if you still managed to make a wax mess around your house, don`t panic as there are proven methods to clean it from almost any surface. You have to be patient but they will definitely work – check them out below.

  • Wood surfaces are one of the most common surfaces that are subject of wax stains as usually we place candles on tables or nightstands (and of course, let’s not forget your romantic attempt to form a heart from candles on your bedroom wooden floor). For such situations you have to use a hairdryer. Melt the wax and wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towels. Polish the area as normal. If the wood is a smooth surface and doesn’t have many grooves, you can wipe the wax away with a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.
  • Carpets can be really challenging when it comes to dealing with wax spillovers. First of all, try scraping off as much as possible from the wax residue. For the next step you will need an iron set on medium heat. Use a clean cloth or a brown paper bag and place it on the spot. Iron the area and make sure you are moving the cloth/ bag so every time you pick up wax you switch to a clean section. If there are any grease residues, sprinkle baking soda or baby powder and let it sit overnight in order to absorb the greasy speckle. By doing this you will get rid of it and deodorise your rug at the same time! However, if this method failed to bring back the good looks of your carpet you better call the professionals in carpet cleaning – they will definitely help you!
  • When you are cleaning wax from clothes pretty much you have to apply the same method as if you are cleaning your carpet. Place paper towels on the spot and using an iron go over the surface. The problem may occur if your candle is not white but harsh chemical colourants were used to give a vivid hue to the candle. Then you will have to make a solution of white vinegar and lemon to treat the stain. After that wash in the regular cycle and hope the nasty stain will come off completely!  
  • How to clean your glass surfaces from wax spillovers? Get a can of compressed air – you should cool the wax so it is easier to scrape off! You can get a can in the most office supply stores as it is mostly used to clean computers and keyboards. Blow the air and you will see that the wax is stiffening. Scrape it off with a dull object or use the edge of a credit card (or something similar) – it should start chipping off in chunks. Repeat as needed. It may be tempting but don’t use metal objects – it will scratch the surface. Wipe the excess with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. If using compressed air failed to make the wax stiff enough, use an ice cube. Another way to clean glass surface from freshly-dripped wax is to use white dryer sheets – you local end of tenancy cleaners shared that they are perfect for wiping off smooth surfaces and will remove the wax easily. Wipe over until it disappears and you will end up with sparkling surface. Imagine what a relief it is that you can handle the accident without your landlord noticing it has ever happened!
  • Extra tip: If you have to clean your candle holders from a dried wax on the bottom, put them in the freezer for about one hour – the cooled down wax will pop out with no hassle!

Candles can bring cosy, warm atmosphere to any room. Now that you know how to deal with the wax drips, don`t be afraid that such an accident will ruin a romantic evening. Make a delicious dinner and lit some candles – you will handle the mishap with ease!



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