How to protect your furniture during a move out?

How to protect your furniture during a move out?Moving out of a property is without a shadow of a doubt an overwhelming task that requires you to put your impeccable organisational skills into practice and spend your free time in packing your stuff. Well, the smaller items are easier to transport as you can just put them in boxes and write down to which room the stuff from a particular box belongs to. But what about the bulky items such as kitchen appliances and furniture? They are not only difficult to carry, but they also need special attention when it comes to the transportation itself. If handled improperly, your expensive sofa and stools might get severely damaged, which therefore leads to unnecessary expenses. Let’s discuss the must-do procedures you have to perform in order to avoid damages to the furniture when you have to move house:

  • The first thing you have to do is to thoroughly clean your sofa and armchairs. If you don’t have the time, you can always call the professionals in upholstery cleaning to do the job for you, but you should not underestimate the cleaning as an important step of the preparation. You will see it will be much more easier to unwrap clean and fresh furniture and place them in your new property.
  • As mentioned above, moving out can be a challenging mission, so you might make a list of everything that needs to be wrapped and carried – mattresses, sofas, beds, etc. In case you keep stuff in the drawers under the bed, you have to clear it out as well.
  • Next, you will have to make a trip to the nearest hardware store and get yourself materials you will need for wrapping up the furniture. You will need the following for wrapping up the sofa and the mattresses: towels/ rags, cardboard sheets, plastic wrap, packing tape, bubble wrap. Needless to say, you can always consult a sales associate and get some additional materials if needed.
  • Although some people neglect the next step, you can save yourself a lot of troubles if you do not overlook disassembling the furniture. Of course, it is always easier to hire movers and a spacious truck and skip the disassembling, but this increases the chance for a damage to occur. So, remove the legs of the sofa, the headboards as well as the footboards from the beds. If you keep the assembling/ disassembling manuals of the furniture, you’d better take a look at them just to make sure you do the things right.
  • When you are done disassembling, you have to keep the hardware at a safe place. Get a couple of bags and label them, so you don’t find scattered bolts and screws as you will have hard time when you have to perform a carpet cleaning procedure if you have to deal with tiny bits all over the rug. You can also attach the hardware to the furniture with packing tape.
  • Then, you have to wrap the disassembled pieces and place them into boxes. For the purpose, you are supposed to use the bubble wrap, the plastic wrap as well as the towels, so you can prevent scratches and more serious damages during the transportation. For your convenience, you can label the boxes to avoid the mess when it is time to assemble.
  • As for the sofas and mattresses, you have to cover them with plastic covers. These can be found at the specialised furniture stores, but if you don’t have time to visit such a store, you can make an online purchase.
  • Most companies that offer man and van services boast about the safety they ensure during the transportation. After all, they would lose their customers if they do not handle the items with care, but if you want to further protect your expensive furniture, you can lay a few old blankets on the floor of the truck. This way you will prevent damages to all items that you did not wrap. In order to keep the friction and movement to the minimum and avoid scraping and bumping, you can place old pillows and bedding between the items.
  • The technique of loading the truck is also important. Items of similar weight should be placed on each side of the truck for optimal balance.

Well, it looks that you are ready to move into your new place, but you can save yourself a lot of hassle if you know where you would like your furniture placed. Take a look around the bedroom and the living room and try to get a better idea of how you want them to look like. When you transport them, you can ask your helpers to distribute them to the rooms they belong.  During the assembling, you are advised to place a protective mat on the floor to avoid scratches, especially if you have a laminate floor.

Moving out of a property does not necessarily have to be an unpleasant, time- consuming experience. You just have to make a proper plan of the entire process in advance and if needed, arrange professionals for a complete peace of mind.


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