Maintain your upholstered furniture flawless – techniques and smart tips!

Maintain your upholstered furniture flawless - techniques and smart tips!There is no doubt, that upholstered furniture is very comfortable and meanwhile beautiful. Nowadays, you may find great variety of patterns, colours and textures, that will suit any taste, interior design and budget. Upholstered furniture is in every home around the world. Despite the affordable prices, upholstered furniture represents a serious financial investment, so you need to know the techniques, that will help you to maintain it in flawless condition as long as possible. It’s not even difficult to take a good care of your furnishings, in case you are informed about the specific features of various fabrics. Read carefully the lines below and apply the described smart tips and techniques in your everyday life:

  • First of all you should know enough about which factors to consider before you make your choice when it comes to the fabric. It is appropriate to answer yourself to some questions, such as whether you have the habit to eat and drink while you use your furniture; in case you have naughty children and pets, you have to comply with this fact too; ask yourself how much money and time you are ready to invest in upholstery cleaning procedures. In case you rely on professional assistance, you will spend lots of funds. On the other hand, if you rely only on your efforts, you will lose time and efforts.
  • When people need to choose upholstery fabric, they have two general options: synthetic or natural fabrics. Synthetic materials comprise nylon, olefin, polyester, acetate, acrylic, rayon and vinyl. Their hygienic maintenance is easier, but they don’t give the same sense of luxury as natural fabrics. When it comes to natural fabrics, it’s recommended to use them for low-wear areas. The reason is that materials like wool, silk, cotton, linen get easily stained and wrinkled. You may also prefer natural leather upholstery. It’s definitely very stylish and classy. However, leather need to be moisturised and perfectly maintained by real professionals in the field. You may choose also a blend of synthetic and natural fabrics. This will guarantee you easy maintenance and durability over the time.
  • Maintain your upholstery impeccable by following these tips! Experts recommend to always comply with the type of the material before choosing a sanitising method. There are Fabric Cleaning Codes which are usually indicated on the fabric. You should always examine them and follow professional advices. Vacuuming of your upholstery is recommended to be performed on weekly basis. Try to reach even the corners and nooks in order to eliminate most of the dust and crumbs. Keep in mind, that direct sunlight is harmful for all types of upholstered furniture. In addition, occasional rearranging of the pieces of furniture will ensure equal wear and tear. You have to know that experts advise you to choose high-quality furniture. It’s a long-term investment, so you have to choose smart.
  • If you use little cushions, don’t miss to take a good care of them! Turn over the loose cushions in order to equalise the process of wear and tear. Plus, after cleaning, don’t forget to restore the shape of the cushions by fluffing them.
  • Besides vacuuming your furniture, you may also use an appropriate brush to remove dirtiness and dust away. In order to avoid snagging of the fabric, it’s recommend to use a soft bristled brush. In case of accidental spills, you should take care of the spots immediately. Don’t panic, but take a clean folded towel to blot the stain. Blotting should be accomplished very gently, you should avoid rubbing with strength. Keep in mind, that if the fabric has been pretreated with special protector, this may be enough in order to eliminate the stain completely. Before applying any cleaning detergent, you should be very careful. Follow strictly manufacturer’s instructions and don’t improvise. Experts advise you to test the sanitising product in an invisible area. This way you will prevent unpleasant surprises and fabric damages. Calling a professional company is also a great alternative. This will save your nerves and time. You have to know, that carpet cleaning companies usually offer upholstery sanitising too. You may even combine both services and get a profitable discount. It’s even better not to wait dirtiness and stains to conquer the whole sofa. The sooner you ensure yourself expert assistance, the easier the procedure and the better the final result.                                             
  • Last, but not least – do not underestimate airborne pollutants such as cigarette smoke and cooking fumes! They may also damage your fabric. Sometimes this is not a simple mission, but proper ventilation usually helps a lot. It is also good for odour control.

We may conclude, that your upholstered furniture may be used for many years ahead if you are aware of the proper hygienic maintenance. Everybody knows, that avoiding accidents is nearly impossible, especially if you have kids. However, appropriate cares, such as regular vacuuming and brushing will give wonderful final results.  


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