Can the cleaning detergents you are using be the reason for your dry skin?

Can the cleaning detergents you are using be the reason for your dry skin?All of us dream about having a nice and soft skin but a lot of factors make the exact opposite – they dry our skin and it loses its glow. When you notice your skin being dry, try finding the reason behind it as soon as possible. Some recent researches have showed that one of the main reasons for dry skin is using chemical cleaning products. The problem is that usually companies don’t tell us what exactly is in the bottles you are buying. Manufacturers recommend their frequent use but this means repeated exposures to these harmful chemicals. Long-term exposure to certain toxic products is linked to serious health issues that not only concern your skin but problems like breast cancer, asthma, different allergies and even birth defects. Read on and get familiar with the consequences concerning your skin when using strong detergents.

  • Which products can present a problem for your skin? Basically, everything that contains harsh chemicals is bad for your health – kitchen cleaners, corrosive drain cleaners, bleach-based bathroom cleaners. The fact that most of them have intense fragrance means that a lot of hazardous substances are present in them. Some of the chemicals found in your everyday cleaning products can trigger a reaction called ‘contact dermatitis’ – it is a skin reaction that develops upon contact with allergen or irritant. Why chemicals may be the reason for your dry skin? Specialists in skin care warn that they strip the skin of its natural body oils and lead to dehydration as skin can’t be moisturized without these oils.
  • What’s the solution? First of all, you should distinguish which products are not favorable to use. If you notice your skin to appear dry and to flare up after using a cleaning product immediately get rid of it and read on to see what chemicals are enlisted on the label. The problem here is that sometimes manufacturers tend to ‘forget’ to mention these hazardous substances. It is known that one of the products with highest levels of these chemicals is air freshener. However, allergens were also found in products that are labeled fragrance-free. This really makes your house cleaning a challenge as you should find non-toxic detergents that are still efficient. You should have in mind that when using strong cleaning products you should wear protection – gloves and sometimes mask so you don’t inhale the fumes. However, if you notice your skin reddening, flaking or cracking obviously this is not enough to prevent skin irritation.
  • Here are some of the most common health issues related to using commercial cleaners. When using window or glass cleaners you expose yourself to ammonia. It is known not only to irritate your skin but your eyes and respiratory system. Have in mind that it can react with chlorinated products and produce a fatal chloramine gas. Conventional anti-bacterial cleaners can cause problems to immune system development in children and the triclosan they contain can be absorbed by your skin and lead to liver damage. Your well-known bleach is extremely strong corrosive and can burn your skin as well as toilet bowl cleaner as it contains hydrochloric acid. Conventional laundry detergents contain enzymes, phenol, phosphorus and enzymes that can cause itchiness, dryness and rashes as these chemicals are easily absorbed through your skin from clothing and sheets. Furniture polish contains nitrobenzene that is very toxic and again is easily absorbed through the skin.
  • And now, here we are, desperately looking for an answer – what should we use instead of these cleaning products that make our skin dry and present other potential dangers? Obviously, now you will avoid the labels such as ‘poison’, ‘danger’ and ‘warning’ and opt for products that are more gentle. But what else? End of tenancy cleaners advise to make a natural citrus detergent. This homemade solution is easy – you will need enough orange peels to fill a 1l mason jar. Pour 2 cups of white distilled vinegar and let it sit for about two weeks. After that remove the peels and use 1 part of this solution with 4 parts water as it is really concentrated. Now you have a homemade all-purpose cleaning product!
  • And what about your dry skin? In the same green way you can take care of your skin using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils. A simple recipe for a homemade moisturizer includes half a cup of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons almond oil, 1 tablespoon cocoa butter and 5 drops lavender essential oil. Why they are good for your skin? Coconut oil will soften your skin and has great anti-aging properties. Both almond oil and cocoa butter contains vitamin E and different antioxidants and lavender is known to fight acne and soothe skin. Put the ingredients in a bowl and using a mixer whip them until you get a light and fluffy consistency. After that fill in a small container and keep it at room temperature. Using this will ensure that your skin gets the hydration it needs and it will start repairing. Try making a skincare routine and apply this homemade skin moisturizer every day.

Now that you know which cleaning products are dangerous for your health, you can choose the eco-friendly way. Keep your skin glowing and moisturize it on daily basis!


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