How to clear blocked shower drain

How to clear blocked shower drainBathroom is often considered one of the most problematic areas at home as it needs regular disinfection and a lot of efforts put into keeping it in a good condition. A blocked shower drain is definitely among the troubles everyone has dealt with at least once. If you have the same problem and you are wondering which is the best approach apart from calling a specialist, you should definitely read on:

  • You can try to remedy the situation by using the old-known vinegar and baking soda solution. The latter is applicable for kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, fridge cleaning, etc. Pour half a cup of baking soda in the drain and then, pour half a cup distilled vinegar. Before you pour the two substances, prepare a rag, which can be used for draining. Leave the solution to take effect for a few hours and pour boiling water. That should be enough for clearing the drain.
  • Many people use commercial drain cleaners as a preventive measure against blockages. It is a widespread practice, especially during an end of tenancy cleaning when you have to leave the property in an ideal condition. These drain cleaners are not only easy to use but inexpensive, too. So why don’t you get a few packages? However, it is important to strictly follow the instructions.
  • The most unpleasant, but at the same time the most effective technique is to unblock the shower drain manually. Get a pair of rubber gloves and a tool suitable for the purpose (coat hangers and crochet hooks work fine) and start pulling hairs out. Of course, you can get a drain snake in order to optimize the unblocking process. When you finally unblock the shower drain, you are advised to go to the first tip and pour baking soda and vinegar for a complete peace of mind.

In most cases, minor damages around the house can be solved without the interference of a specialist but if you cannot deal with the blockage on your own, you’d better call a plumber.


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