Tippex stains – how to deal with them?

Tippex stains – how to deal with them?Tippex is a fluid substance which allows you to correct errors on your printed materials. Surely, you love it and find it very useful while working and dealing with any type of paperwork.

But what happens when you spill it on the desk, the floor or even worse – on your clothes? Don’t worry – here are our tips on how to fight tippex stains:

  • Tippex stains on your fabrics and garments – blot the spot from the outside towards the middle of the garment. Use a solvent with a bleaching effect if the fabric can handle that. Delicate fabrics such as silk and satin should be treated very carefully and you’d better use vinegar.
  • If the stain is old and dry, then you can try to scrape it with something harsh. Then wash the garment in a washing machine, according to the instructions written on the label.
  • Tippex stains on hard surfaces – if there is a tippex stain on the floor at your workplace, then you will have to wait for the substance to harden before you start the office cleaning. Scrape the tippex away with a suitable tool or fingernails. After that, use vinegar to remove the residue.
  • Consider using a DIY stain remover. If you apply it correctly, then it may be very helpful. You can find a suitable one in your nearest supermarket.
  • Special tippex stain removers – unfortunately, they are made from strong chemicals and sometimes their use is not recommended, because they could damage your clothes, carpets, etc. If you, however, have decided to buy such a stain remover, then make sure that no animals and children are near the product while it is drying. When you are done with the domestic cleaning at home, let the rooms ventilate for some hours.
  • Apply a proper fabric dye in order to ‘hide’ the tippex stain on your clothes. If you didn’t succeed in removing the spots on any kind of a surface, you can make them less obvious thanks to special coloured pens. They must match the original hue of the particular item.

Tippex may be as helpful as hazardous and you should be very careful with it. If the stains are already a fact and you cannot fight them, then you should get some professional help.


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