Interesting places to hide your spare key

Interesting places to hide your spare keyIn case you are wondering where to put your spare key without making your house easy to rob, you came to the right place! Forget about the obvious spots such as under your doormat. You need a secure place that will actually save you from the difficulty of being locked out, still not bringing any chances of your house being robbed. Read on and check them out.

  • Put the key in between two bricks. It’s not always bad news that your bricks have small chunks. All you have to do is assure that the key fits in and it is easy to be removed. Also make sure if you will not look suspicious trying to dig the key from between your bricks. Domestic cleaners Southampton recommend to clean the key from time to time as it can get rusty or too germy exposed on the outside of your house.
  • Do you have a tree on your property? You can think of it as a super-spy hiding place to put your spare key. If there are not any natural hollows you can use, cut out a little chunk from the bark. Trim it a bit so there is enough space to put the key and leave it there. You can put some mark on the bark so you know the exact place – try using an old nail which won’t be that obvious.
  • You can use the space under your car mat, too. Place the key there and you can take it whenever you need to. However, there are some flaws about it – if you keep all of your keys (including your car keys) on one key ring you will lose them at once, but still it is a good place to hide a key. Don’t forget to keep clean your rug – although it is small in size the regular carpet cleaning Southampton is essential. Plus your hands won’t get super dusty when you take the key out!
  • Last but not least, you can just give a spare key to your neighbor. Of course, they should be reliable as they will have access to your property but when you need the key it will be just a phone call or a door knock away. Consider this place, too!

Locking yourself out can be a disaster but having these spots in mind you won’t have any troubles next time you come upon this situation.


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