How to clean glass hob in just 3 steps

How to clean glass hob in just 3 stepsYou may have an excellent and stylish kitchen interior, but a dirty hob can ruin everything. Unfortunately, glass hobs get dirty very easily even if you cook something like boiled eggs or tomato sauce. When you cook, you are dropping little pieces of food that eventually gets dry and stuck on the glass.  You don’t want your glass hob to look all cluttered and dirty, right? With these three steps anyone can clean the hob in no time.

  • Step one: It’s important to remove all pieces of dried food before you start cleaning because glass hobs can are easily scratched. Clean all loose pieces gently by using a microfiber cloth. You should be careful not to drop any greasy food pieces on the carpet or you will need Croydon carpet cleaning experts to deal with the stains.
  • Step two: Apply oven cleaning detergent on the hob. Allow the fluid to work its magic by letting it stay for a couple of minutes, but don’t let it completely dry out. Make sure you always read the label before using any kind of detergent. Sometimes oven detergents can be used on different surfaces such as ceramic tiles. It’s a good thing to know when it’s time to do end of tenancy cleaning.
  • Step three: Using a microfiber cloth or a kitchen towels you can start cleaning the glass hob. If there is still some problematic dried out grease, you can try scrubbing it out with scrunched newspapers. Newspapers are rough enough to remove the stains but still soft enough not to cause any damage to the glass. Just to be sure, always try on a smaller area first and see if there are any scratches.
  • So, which one is more difficult – cleaning your glass hob or the job of the upholstery cleaners Croydon? What is your opinion?

With these three easy steps, you can clean your glass hob perfectly every time.


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