What do you know about hanging beds?

What do you know about hanging beds?What is a hanging bed? Of course, its name eloquently and emphatically describes its specificity – these are beds that hang instead of standing on the floor. It’s something like a home version of the hammock. The hanging bed can be very flexible and convenient option where special interior solutions are needed – for example in areas with limited space or rooms with several functions in one. Check out more details:

  • The bed is designed so that there are two basic positions. In the lowered position, bed has the functionality of a standard double bed with a wooden frame. Its modern simple design stands out for the quality of workmanship and modern elements, but in essence designer relies on traditional materials such as solid wood and ropes. In case of removal and end of tenancy cleaning Southampton, you can take the whole bed with you.
  • In the other position, the bed can be raised to the ceiling, thereby freeing up space in the room. All this is ensured by automatic lifting mechanisms and a system of pulleys, which save any effort.
  • The bed is designed and manufactured upon an order, the size and materials used to make it can be changed according to the needs of space and customer requirements. Just imagine how easy will be the work of your house cleaners Southampton, they will only lift the hanging bed and they will clean underneath.
  • The choice of wood, colors, density, paint and finishes is generally unlimited, so everything depends on the individual wishes of those who would like to have hanging bed in their bedroom. One of the conceptual elements that distinguish this one from serial beds, is built-in LED lighting, which gives a special and unique charm of this design decision.
  • Headboard is not part of its construction, so when the bed is lifted, it plays part of the decor in the room itself. In one movement, thanks to a simple mechanism, all panels (made of unformed piece of wood) become a convenient and beautiful desktop.

Hanging bed in the interior at first glance may look intriguing, but impractical. But the truth is that behind this simple idea lies a rich palette of possibilities for utilization of space.


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