What is dirtier than the toilet?

What is dirtier than the toilet?Scientists from the University of Birmingham made another shocking revelation. Children’s car seats, which almost every family uses are dirtier than the toilet. For this research experts analyzed samples of twenty cars and homes. In the samples of the car seats they found averagely one hundred potentially dangerous fungi and bacteria, while the amount of these microbes in toilets was twice less. Here are more details:

  • Among children’s car seats experts found bacteria, which can cause salmonellosis, and E. coli. In the cars of most of the participants in the study chaos reigns. It is clear that every tenth British crashed or almost caused an accident because of the mess in his car.
  • Sixty percent of people do not realize what kind of serious health problems dirt in their car can cause. Most of them still can not believe how a car seat can be dirtier than the toilet. Share this information with your carpet cleaners Battersea, they will be surely surprised.
  • In fact, it turns out that even the handbag contains more bacteria than the toilet. This was revealed by a study done about a year ago. Researchers found that on the handles of one of every five handbags there are bacteria that are seriously threatening our health. The same study revealed that the dirtiest object found in the bags of ladies is handcream. On the packaging of this product there are more bacteria than on a toilet seat. Lipstick and eyeshadows are contaminated with a bit less bacteria.
  • Keep in mind, that leather handbags are most endangered from bacteria as their texture is attractive for germs. In such an environment, they can multiply and live undisturbed. Experts advise women not to underestimate the danger and to clean their bags regularly with special antibacterial agents or with wet wipes. That’s the only way to prevent the spread of bacteria. So, the conclusion is that many other items need sanitising, it’s not only the carpet cleaning Battersea, that is important.

So, not everything is what it seems, right?


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