New Era in furniture materials

New Era in furniture materialsWelcome to the new Age of inventions! Do you know that Italian experts started to develop a new technology to replace some plastics in furniture? They want to implement completely natural products, such as spinach and rice. Are you curious? So, check out more details:

  • Through their new invention experts hope to create a completely biodegradable plastic. This will help to resolve the problem of agricultural and plastic waste. Experts claim that in the future people will sit on chairs made of spinach and rice. For this purpose, researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology have started to use organic products that have the properties of cellulose. Aren’t they amazing?
  • According to experts, the plants around us have enough similar material that can totally replace artificial product.
  • Specialists mixed a special acid with stalks of parsley and spinach, rice husks and cocoa pods. This way they created a specific solution. Tests of the liquid showed that this material could replace the industrial plastic. Share this information with your domestic cleaners Sutton, they will be curious to learn something new during their boring job.
  • If this project is successful, biodegradable plastic will make possible the replacement of some insoluble polymers. Thus people will contribute to solving the global problem of agricultural and plastic waste.
  • If in the future scientists really invent such a furniture, it will be very precious indeed. So, in case of removal and end of rental cleaning Sutton, you should definitely take this valuable furniture with you.
  • There are countries where there are extra charges for all those hard-to-recycle plastic products. This will increase the final price of goods. Such charges are imposed for plastic spoons, forks, cups, plates and even small plastic bags. The reason for that is the hard recycling of all these products.

Just think about it! If these ambitious scientists succeed, a new Era in furniture materials will begin. Fingers crossed for these caring experts!


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