How often should you wash your bathrobe

How often should you wash your bathrobeMany people are struggling with the question of how often should I change my bathrobes. According to specialists, three or four uses are optimal, then you have to put them in the laundry. Otherwise a real risk of growth of bacteria and molds occurs. Some people even believe that bathrobes should be washed immediately after the first bath. Here are more details:

  • Experts are adamant that if you put it to dry properly, no need to insert the bathrobe in the laundry immediately after the first use. But here comes the question, how many times can be used the same towel before washing it. Three or four uses are normal. Of course it’s very important to learn how to properly dry them after use.

  • After using the bathrobe, you’d better put it in the dryer. It is best to dry it out. If you have a fan in the bathroom, let it work. This will reduce the moisture, which is usually reserved for longer periods in these areas.
  • Wet bath is an ideal environment for the development of microorganisms on the towels. Their number doubles every 15-20 minutes, reaching colossal measures. Thus the towel becomes inappropriate for reuse and must be washed. If the towel is very wet, it also must be replaced immediately. You can also make this a part of your domestic cleaning Southampton.
  • Laundry is also very important. Good bathrobes should be washed at no more than 60 degrees, with quality detergent. To make sure that cleaning product is removed, it is better to use a full wash cycle with a long enough cycle for rinsing.
  • Once completed with washing, the bathrobes should be removed from the washing machine as quickly as possible. Put them in the dryer or spread them out optimally deployed. If you leave them wet in the washing machine the fibers will begin to form bacteria, mold and bad odor. This will require to repeat washing. By the way, you can use old and worn towels when you accomplish the post tenancy cleaning Southampton.

What about your bathrobe? How often do you wash it?


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