What is dirtier than the toilet?

Scientists from the University of Birmingham made another shocking revelation. Children’s car seats, which almost every family uses are dirtier than the toilet. For this research experts analyzed samples of twenty cars and homes. In the samples of the car seats they found averagely one hundred potentially dangerous fungi and bacteria, while the amount of […]

How often should you wash your bathrobe

Many people are struggling with the question of how often should I change my bathrobes. According to specialists, three or four uses are optimal, then you have to put them in the laundry. Otherwise a real risk of growth of bacteria and molds occurs. Some people even believe that bathrobes should be washed immediately after […]

The best way to clean laminate floors

Laminate flooring has gained considerable popularity recently and more and more people install it. It is relatively inexpensive but yet, it has some disadvantages. If you have already decided to have laminate flooring at your home or office, here are some useful tips related to the proper laminate floor cleaning and maintenance: