When you lose control over yourself in front of your kid

When you lose control over yourself in front of your kidSometimes, parents get very angry and lose control in front of their children. The reasons for the outbreak may be different, but most often are associated with messy room, clothes and toys, the delay in preparing for going out, children’s whims. The good news is that a tantrum will not harm the child psyche unless it is repeated often. If outbursts of anger become too frequent and violent, they may affect the child, creating in him a sense of guilt, inferiority, low self-esteem and suppressed aggression. Here are more details on the topic:

  • Errors tend to bring people together – this also applies to child-parent configuration. Seeing that Mom and Dad also make mistakes, the child learns that there is nothing fatal if sometimes gets wrong. Kid realizes, that even quarreled with someone, that does not mean you do not love and appreciate him.
  • Children’s consciousness is flexible enough to understand and accept the moments of weakness in his parents, but if they become routine, it can cause a serious rift in your relationship. Do not regret for your anger and do not cry in front of the child and ask him for an excuse. This will automatically reflect on you and your authority. Thus you allow your child to manipulate you. For the children it is essential to feel security and stability in their parents.
  • Explain the situation to the child. Try to make the kid understand the source of your anger. Try together to do things that do not lead to a situation of anger on your part. Do not assign too many tasks to the child. For instance, do the carpet cleaning Southampton on your own. You can ask the kid to order his/her toys. If the kid can not cope with its outfit in the morning, help him/her.
  • Try to follow the strict rules that are put in front of the child and not deviate from them, not to confuse your offspring. If today you allow something which in general is banned, do not be surprised that the child will try tomorrow to ask the same thing. Your domestic cleaners Southampton will agree with us.

In brief, controlling your anger and emotions in front of your children is very important.


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