You’re not either extrovert, or introvert – so, you are ambivert

You’re not either extrovert, or introvert - so, you are ambivertPersonal characteristics of extroversion and introversion are located on the spectrum, but most experts focus on both ends. Now, however, social psychologists, behaviorists and business experts began to look more closely at the neglected middle class – ambivert – and noticing that its representatives may have personal and professional advantages because of their adaptability.

  • Experts believe that the personal characteristics of the spectrum are constant – they reveal themselves from an early age and are not subject to change. At one end are extroverts who are charged by the external environment. They love to be surrounded by a large number of people and are the center of attention, to pounce ideas in the company of others and often shape their thoughts while talking. When they are alone, they get bored easily or become nervous. Do you recognise your end of tenancy cleaners Southampton?
  • Introverts are at the other extreme. They are charged internally. They prefer to spend time alone or in the company of another person or a small group. The crowds and the many social interactions make them exhausted. Usually they gather their thoughts before speaking, just like your Southampton domestic cleaning experts.
  • What is ambivert? They have personality characteristics typical for both types of temperament, as none is dominant. For this reason, they have more balanced and colorful character.
  • Ambiverts move between sociability and privacy, between talking and careful listening. They have a wide range of skills and may make contact with a wide variety of people – as someone who speaks English and Spanish. You can find out if you ambivert asking yourself how you would behave in normal situations. If you’re ambivert, your preferences are often somewhere in the middle – you would choose to drink something with a friend after work, and then you get to bring your dog for a long walk.

So, what is your type of character? Share with us!


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