The importance of neatness and tidiness for your office

Do you work in an office? Well if you answer positively, tell us about the ambiance there. Are you an employee who work in swanky and posh office premises or not? Sometimes people imagine elegant leather furniture, perfect order, minimalist style and wonderful view from the window, but the reality is completely different. Usually, staff […]

You’re not either extrovert, or introvert – so, you are ambivert

Personal characteristics of extroversion and introversion are located on the spectrum, but most experts focus on both ends. Now, however, social psychologists, behaviorists and business experts began to look more closely at the neglected middle class – ambivert – and noticing that its representatives may have personal and professional advantages because of their adaptability.

What do you know about Venetian plaster?

Venetian plaster comes to us from the era of Roman antiquity and the Renaissance. It gives personality to any room, while its artistic charm is due not only to the ancient origin, but also to the fact that many of the great Italian artists such as Raphael, used this decorative plaster for the basis of […]