Use baking soda out of the kitchen

Use baking soda out of the kitchenA lot of cooking products can be used out of the kitchen in various ways that can help you in the maintenance of your home or in preservation of old furniture. Baking soda is one of them. Chemical reactions that involve soda are widely used in the bakery. See how you can use them when you are not making a cake:

  • Facial treatment. You can make popular homemade mask by mixing honey and baking soda one tablespoon each. Put the mixture on your face and keep it for a couple of minutes. Put your hands on your face and instead of massaging stick and unstick your palms. This will make your pores to open. After a couple of minutes wash with warm but not hot water. If you like the mask, you can use it once a week.
  • Unclogging agent. If you don’t want to use chemical detergents but your washing machine’s pipes are jammed with soap foam, you can use soda. Put three tablespoons at a cup of water, mix and pour this in the detergent section of the machine. Pour two cups of white vinegar in the drum and start the machine. This procedure will rid you not only from the foam but also from any mineral and mold deposits. Better try this on time instead of labor-intensive carpet cleaning Croydon when the washing machine starts leaking.
  • Silver plates and jewelry. If you want to clean your silver jewelry, plates or utensils, you will need baking soda, boiling water, sea salt, aluminum foil and some vinegar. Mix the water and the dry ingredients; place the thing you want to clean inside the concoction and pour the vinegar inside carefully. Make sure every part touches the aluminum foil, so the pollution stays on the foil. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Use tongues to take the object out and polish with a rag.
  • Rust removal. Make a paste from baking soda and water. Place it on the rust and polish the surface with a scratch pad. Remember that this works only when the rust is on the surface. This is a trick that even some domestic cleaners Croydon don’t know.

Your kitchen is full of safe, useful and ecological products that work just as an expensive detergent. Look around and think of all the fruits, vegetables and spices that you can use to live “greener” life. Use them!


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