How to accept life changes and use them for good

How to accept life changes and use them for goodLife is changing all the time, no matter we want it or not. The most shaking and problematic are the changes related to intimate relationships, job and financial security. Whether initiated by us or not, change is a process of interaction of our desires, needs and abilities with external circumstances. Acceptance of alteration and its utilization is not easy, but from our enemy we can turn it into an ally. See how:

  • Give up your expectations. We expect and hope the change is “good”, but although it is reassuring, it is largely misleading. The alteration does not come into our lives with guarantees of what will bring, it is unclear rearrangement. Instead of expecting what you need, trust what comes, it is not good or bad, but a new and different from what we imagine. Often the most beneficial changes for us seem like failure, but in fact they bring invaluable opportunities for self-awareness. You have just lost your job as London upholstery cleaning expert? Don’t worry and remember your dreams. Perhaps it’s time to make them true.
  • Separate yourself from what must go away. We all have a tendency to cleave to people, possessions, habits, activities, saturating them with emotional value and believing they are essential for our existence. Moment when our life changes, is time we put into question these links and honestly ask ourselves to what extent they help us and how much we pull back or we are robbed of opportunities. Sometimes we see that to move forward, it is necessary to radically transform these relationships or to disable them. You can’t stand your landlord? Well, book an end of tenancy cleaning London and quit the property.
  • Focus on new. The change is full of opportunities for development, which we discover either one by one, or together. It is a field of action in which we can achieve both current and long forgotten or declared impossible aspirations and dreams. Coping with the change requires to have maximum focus on the present moment, to see the problems with accompanying solutions. Never give up and be tirelessly creative in your life.

What do you think about all that? What was the last great change in your life?


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