What do you know about annoying muscle cramps

What do you know about annoying muscle cramps? Every part of our body can cramp, and it most often occurs in the legs and spine. Medical explanation is that these two places have the most muscle groups and load on them is the greatest. The reasons for cramps are various – sitting in the wrong position, lying distorted, even in sports, often doing the wrong exercises. All this leads to overload in muscles and body “returns” with painful sensations.

  • The cramp – it’s accompanied by unexpected stabbing pain that limits movement. The muscle is painful and tense. In response, the body tries to fix the pain, creating a muscular corset. So one feels more pain and often turns in vicious circle. The neurologist may put the most accurate diagnosis using magnetic resonance imaging. It follows a series of treatment, accompanied by rest without movements, pain relief ointments and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you work in Croydon end of tenancy cleaning company, you will need a rest.
  • Night cramps. Muscle cramps and stiffness in the spine while we are resting in bed can be a frequent event. Doctors claim that this may be the result of lack of calcium and magnesium. To make an accurate diagnosis is necessary to make blood tests for levels of hormones, calcium and magnesium. Prevention requires a light massage, hot tubs and an additional intake of magnesium and calcium.
  • Folding hard. Here the pain is acute and dull, but constant. Affected in these cases are folding and unfolding limb muscles. Doctors call this head trauma, spinal cord injury or neurological diseases. It is important to turn to a neurologist. A diagnose of the condition of the brain and spinal cord is necessary. Treatment is associated with taking muscle relaxants.
  • Discomfort is not just in the muscle, but also around it. When you touch the muscle it may be tight in some areas, in others soft. Thus pain is transferred in adjacent sections. This is called chronic spasm, but in most cases is a result of trauma, cold or any disease. To be properly diagnosed you must visit a neurologist. The doctor can determine whether it’s a result of trauma, cold or other type of provocation and to appoint the right therapy. As a result, you should entrust the office cleaning Croydon to your colleagues. Give your muscles a break!

What about you? Do you have some muscles cramps?


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