The advantages of wooden toys

The advantages of wooden toysAccording to many psychologists and educators wooden toys are ideal for children. Natural materials are the best option for entertainment – wood, metal, clay, cloth, paper and others. These materials have many advantages over fashionable for years plastic products, which are proven to be harmful to children’s health, because they are made of toxic chemicals, that cause allergic reactions and hormonal imbalance. Their paints are not healthy too. Here are more details:

  • Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural toys transmit realistic image of objects and adequate information about the world around them.
  • The wooden toys are not perfectly smooth as plastic ones. Children’s fingers feel bumps, cold or warm places, smooth or rough spots. This stimulates the baby’s motor skills.
  • Wooden toys require more attention and effort on the part of the child, to be assembled or arranged properly. With them simply pressing of the start button does not work.
  • Wood is a natural material and is ecologically preferable to plastic products. Most wooden toys are made of soft wood – pine, birch, linden.
  • Wood is a biodegradable material and also does not hide dangerous for the health of the child chemicals. Your carpet cleaning London experts also know that.
  • Wooden toys can easily be washed under running water, but should not be soaked. Drying them is also simple – just with a towel. They do not retain water and do not need drying time. You can even ask your tenancy cleaners London to sanitise wooden toys quickly.
  • Some of the most expensive and impressive toys for children are made from wood. Wooden trains, animals and shapes for assembly of multiple parts stimulate the imagination of the child in a unique way.
  • These toys may remain even for the next generation as they do not break as easily as plastic ones.

So, are you ready to buy to your kid some wonderful wooden toys?


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