Natural protection for your favorite plants in the garden

Natural protection for your favorite plants in the gardenYou love your wonderful garden full of plants growing under the caressing rays of the sun. However, soon you notice that they are attacked by invaders – almost invisible creatures who suck their juices. Plants begin to languish and visibly need your help. What to do?

  • First and most important is to determine who you are dealing with. One of the most common invaders are aphids – 2-3 mm. green color insects which are accommodated on the inside of leaves or in dense columns on the base of the stem. Infested plant parts begin to discolour, leaves curl and buds do not open. Here are the most effective natural remedies to combat them:
  • Garlic, onions and lavender – essential oils contained in these plants are natural insecticide for aphids which will abandon your favorite plants forever. If you have an outdoor garden, the most appropriate option is to plant lavender next to the attacked plants. Another option is to prepare extract of garlic. If the smell of garlic is unpleasant for you, use lavender essential oil (sold in pharmacies and drugstores) diluted with water. Optimal ratio is to use 50 drops per 100ml. fluid, always remember to shake before using the solution. By the way lavender essential oil is also used for deodorising after regular domestic cleaning Derby. And if you suffer from lack of time, the most suitable natural insecticide are chilli peppers and tobacco.
  • An alternative to fight against the invaders is to confront them with alive army of ladycows and ladybirds. These insects are not only cute and harmless to your favorite plants, but they eat aphids. To dwell your garden with these helpful insects you must not only bring home a couple of them, but also provide them appropriate living conditions. For example cozy home for them is a rotten log, which you can arrange as a decoration with flowers. You can also ask the experts from your cleaning company Derby for advice. Who knows, they may offer you an alternative too.

Good luck with the fight with harmful insects. Be patient and protect your garden.


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