How to communicate with your cat?

How to communicate with your cat?While caressing the cat is extremely capricious. But precisely this is its beauty. Unlike the dog, it is not considered subordinate, but equal to its owner. She walks where she wants, she sleeps where she wants.

It may sharpen claws on your favourite furniture and consequent upholstery cleaning London will not bring its great appearance. But what could be more enjoyable than when the dear creature comes just in your lap and shows its love. Cats are extremely intelligent creatures using an arsenal of means of communication. The important thing for us is to know how to read them.

  • Eyes – as in us humans, eyes of cats speak at most. If the cat is staring at something, she is very intrigued and you don’t have to bother her. Dilated pupils are a sign of playful mood, or severe fear. Blinking eyes mean contentment, but if the cat is not in your lap, and lying on the side, do not hang it, because at the moment it is not willing to be with you.
  • Ears – they are also a very important indicator of feline humor. Bent to cat’s head they talk about fear, but only if they are tipped back, you can expect attack. If you see the cat moving her ears, then it’s listening and you do not have to distract her until she receives the necessary information.
  • Tail – the main indicator of cat mood. If it’s proudly raised, then the cat is in a good state of mind. Leaning sideways tail speaks for indecision. Usually with this sign cat shows her distrust of all guests and strangers, for instance the London carpet cleaners. If, however, you notice beats like a whip of that sensitive part of her body, this is a warning that she is extremely angry and her patience, right now, is exhausted. Note that such movement of the tail observed in wild, speaks for her relatives when preparing to attack their victim. So, if you do not read this sign and continue to tease the cat, she may attack you with tooth and nail.
  • Voice – usually the cat greets with short meow. If the cat is soaring with long voice, you know that she wants to attract your attention to something – for example, to give her food or to change her toilet. The tone aloud is also not without significance.

Monitor your cart and study the language. This will certainly enrich the communication between you both.


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