What do you know about your mattress?

How to choose the right mattressWhich mattress is better – latex or spring? Let’s take a look inside the mattress to choose the most appropriate type.

  • The filling of the mattress consists of a core and additional layers. The first one is in charge of the orthopedic features of the device and in its choice must be taken into account the weight of the person who will use it. Additional layers impart hardness or contrary – “airiness”. They can be made of wool, synthetic down, a thin layer of latex, sea grass or polyurethane foam. For the greatest firmness of the mattress people use coconut fiber, horse hair. However mattresses are divided according to the type of kernel.

  • Composition of the mattress. If in the past the mattresses were uniformly filled with wool and questions about their composition did not come up with it, modern models have several layers. The various combinations of materials allow to achieve one or another degree of hardness and elasticity. It’s like floor sanding Derbyshire – different level of shine may be achieved.
  • Spring mattresses. The material is not as important as the principle of retaining the springs. Models with independent springs – in this case, each spring is in a separate case and has no contact with the other. As a result, mattresses with independent springs have excellent anatomical properties. Unfortunately, their price is high, since in practice they are handmade (each spring is necessary to be put in a separate pocket). Mattresses with spring package – in this case springs are woven alternately and connected in one unit. Thus, any movement in one part of the mattress is transmitted over the entire frame, but the surface itself is not elastic. Тhe drawbacks of this model come from there – it can not assume simultaneously protruding body parts and leaves the waist without support. Of course, its price is lower. Another disadvantage: if the weight of the two sleeping people is very different, the weaker will always rolls to heavier. Combined spring mattresses. They are recommended for overweight people.
  • Models of latex. The base layer in these mattresses is made of hard rubber juice – completely natural material, which is innocuous, hypoallergenic and adapts perfectly to the contours of the body.
  • Eco mattresses. These models are manufactured only by environmental and natural materials. Don’t forget to take your expensive eco mattress with you, before starting the end of tenancy cleaning Derbyshire. You will use it in the new property.
  • Water mattresses. This mattress is filled with water, wrapped in an insulating coating. The mattress perfectly follows the anatomy of the body and provides a comfortable temperature according to the season.

What type of mattress do you prefer? Share more details!


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