How to get rid of negative thoughts – the method of the rubber band

How to get rid of negative thoughts“Wow, I’m so behind my schedule … I will not succeed with even half of my planned things. Everything happens so slowly …” All these poisonous thoughts tick in your head when you wake up. So, you can use the method of the rubber band and change things.

  • The method of the rubber band will clear your mind. This technique is discovered by Robin Sharma. It’s very simple – put a rubber band or bracelet with beads on your wrist. Every time when in your head negative thoughts appear, pull the rubber band. By force of habit, the brain will associate pain with negative thinking and soon you will notice that you will have significantly more positive thoughts. Share this method with your domestic cleaners London, they will be curious to learn new things.
  • Why doing it? If you really ask yourself this question, the most appropriate response would be statistical. According to scientists, the brain handles around 60,000 thoughts a day – one thought in a second, while we are awake. And if that was not enough to weaken us, the researchers showed that 80% of the usual thoughts of a normal person are negative. If you’re good at math, you have already calculated that 45 000 daily negative thoughts go through the mind of most people.
  • Apply this method and decrease negative thoughts! Negative thoughts activate areas in the brain associated with feelings of depression and anxiety, while positive have a calming, balancing effect. It is clear that we can not catch every negative thought that spins in our heads, but somewhere we must begin. Let’s stretch the rubber bands! We can not achieve our dreams if we live in the trap of tension. You can begin with arranging professional carpet cleaning London. Freshness and neatness always help for positive attitude.

Stop being a victim of others and the circumstances. Start to discipline your mind. Are you ready?


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