The advantages of wooden toys

According to many psychologists and educators wooden toys are ideal for children. Natural materials are the best option for entertainment – wood, metal, clay, cloth, paper and others. These materials have many advantages over fashionable for years plastic products, which are proven to be harmful to children’s health, because they are made of toxic chemicals, […]

Natural protection for your favorite plants in the garden

You love your wonderful garden full of plants growing under the caressing rays of the sun. However, soon you notice that they are attacked by invaders – almost invisible creatures who suck their juices. Plants begin to languish and visibly need your help. What to do?

What do you know about your mattress?

Which mattress is better – latex or spring? Let’s take a look inside the mattress to choose the most appropriate type. The filling of the mattress consists of a core and additional layers. The first one is in charge of the orthopedic features of the device and in its choice must be taken into account […]