Tips on how to make positive first impression

Tips on how to make positive first impressionIn our everyday life, we meet with so many people. In most cases, our brain needs just 3 seconds to comply the first impression of someone you have not met before. These 3 seconds are essential as they determine whether you will have a positive or negative impression of that person. First impression skills are very useful for a job interview, blind dates or if you are a salesperson. Here are a few simple tips you can use to make a positive first impression.

  • Don’t get late. The first and probably the most important rule of the job interview is to be there on time. Maybe even 15 minutes earlier, but no more than that. You do not want to be waiting awkwardly in front of the HR office for more than 15 minutes. It’s like when you need end of tenancy cleaning Derbyshire, you should book for the service in advance instead of waiting for the last minute.
  • Introduce yourself appropriately. Of course, your clothes and shoes tell a lot about you. Another important thing is the handshake. Always do a firm handshake and look the person in the eyes. This shows respect and loyalty. Just think about it. Would you hire carpet cleaners Derbyshire who don’t show respect at a first glance?
  • Always smile. Winning smile is the key. You don’t want to be the grumpy person, nobody likes that.
  • Be positive. Remember that communication is both verbal and nonverbal. Your words can say good things, but your face can say something else. When you are feeling positive and confident your body talks instead of you.
  • Listen actively. The key is to build trust. The person in front of you won’t appreciate if you don’t pay attention to what he has to say.
  • Relax and be yourself.  Just take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you are good enough to deal with any situation.

Following these simple yet very effective tips will help you deal with most of the challenging situations throughout the day.


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