The art to decorate with antiques

The art to decorate with antiquesDecorating your home with antiques is truly an art. Sometimes you don’t have to pay thousands of pounds for some century old antique. You know the saying ”one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure”, just visit your local car boot seller and see the treasures you can find there. People get rid of some incredible items and you should take advantage of this fact. You can start collecting different vintage things that are related but not necessarily matching and start decorating. Here are some interesting ideas you can use while decorating your home with antiques.

  • Design of your kitchen. When it comes to the design in your kitchen, you may want to incorporate a lot of vintage drawers with some vases and classic decoration from different historical eras. Of course, you can also decorate some items that you can actually use in everyday life like some nice cookie jar and teakettle. Just make sure your Derbyshire domestic cleaners know the value of your antiques.
  • Living room vintage design. Your living room is the place where you invite your guests and spend good time with your family and where you can show your vintage items collection. Start with the furniture. You should think of some theme or historical era you want and incorporate it in the decor. Every single item or furniture should show your attention to details and vintage style. Probably the biggest disadvantage of collecting too many antiques is when it is time to do end of tenancy cleaning Derbyshire and you have to pack all fragile items in boxes.
  • Bedroom design. The bedroom is the place where you want more intimacy, which is why you should choose vintage objects that best show your individuality. Central place in the bedroom is, certainly the bed. Choose some beautiful antique style linens for the bed. Another great idea is vintage armoire where you can put you favourite items.

When it comes to antique design, it is all about showing your individuality to the world. Do not be afraid to experiment with different design ideas until you find the style you have been looking for.


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