Tips on how to make positive first impression

In our everyday life, we meet with so many people. In most cases, our brain needs just 3 seconds to comply the first impression of someone you have not met before. These 3 seconds are essential as they determine whether you will have a positive or negative impression of that person. First impression skills are […]

Making your small kitchen cozier – tips

Small kitchens have become quite common these days. With the narrowing trend in home buildings – houses and apartments – the space for the cooking plus eating zone seems to get extremely small. But do not worry, dear housekeepers, even though small, a kitchen can be yet comfortable and neat. We have even gathered few […]

The art to decorate with antiques

Decorating your home with antiques is truly an art. Sometimes you don’t have to pay thousands of pounds for some century old antique. You know the saying ”one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure”, just visit your local car boot seller and see the treasures you can find there. People get rid of some incredible […]