Garbage – another point of view

Garbage - another point of viewGarbage tells a lot about his owner. In this article, we prove that you can have another point of view when it comes to rubbish. You can make your own accessories and toys for your kid from things that you call “trash”. Continue reading and learn more about our creative suggestions:

  • Accessories. Old clothes that you no longer wear may be cut in pieces and you may use the fabric to make flowers or ribbons. You may attach them on the hairpins, tiaras, barrettes, hair bracelets. For instance, colourful flower, heart or animal figurine on torn trousers or blouse will make of defect – an effect. Sew pieces of fabric, combined with beads or buttons on an otherwise dull monochromatic bag and you will have a truly unique item. From broken necklaces or bracelets you could craft an original pendant for mobile phone, keychain or bag. Old jeans are transformed into bags with original decoration.

  • For your sweet home. Patchwork blankets made of multicoloured rags are very beautiful and practical. Draped on the couch or armchair they become wonderful accent to the interior. Again, if you have useless clothes, sheets or tablecloths, you can cut them in pieces of fabric to make decorative pillows or decorate existing ones, with various motives. You could craft colourful covers and change them whenever you want. So once again decorate the room in a predominantly red, then in another color. You also can create handles and textile stands for hot dishes. Broken cups and plates will serve you for making beautiful mosaic. You have only one cup left from a whole set? No, do not throw it away. Take a little gold or silver spray and turn it into a beautiful vase or candlestick. Be careful not to make some stains on the rugs, because you will need professional carpet cleaning services Camden.
  • Toys. You can invent rag dolls with eyes of buttons and hair of yarn, vans, trucks, airplanes and many more interesting toys. Big box becomes a kitchen, doll house or a stage for puppet theater, whatever your imagination chooses. Make your kids help you in this mission. Thus you will stimulate their imagination and will develop their intelligence. Postpone domestic cleaning Camden for the next day and spend some great moments with your children.

What do you think? Are you ready for some crafts? Take some useless things and get started!


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