Is there a healthy selfishness?

Is there a healthy selfishnessSelfishness is not something that sounds particularly well, but the fact is that everyone needs a healthy dose of it. It’s good to love yourself, and not to sacrifice continuously and at any cost in the name of others. This is very exhausting. Actually if you’re dealing with a person who is offering too much sacrifice may be a heavy burden. It’s very demanding and sometimes looks like emotional blackmail. Therefore, if you are going to make generous gestures, it is better to follow the Biblical rule – to do good, without caring what happens next. Just for the idea and nothing more. Learn a little bit more:

  • Why do we need some healthy selfishness? No one loves us more than ourselves. So sometimes we need to relax a little bit more. Do not just do what you have and what others require of you, but what really attracts you inside. Sometimes you can afford new clothes or jewelry, although there is still a member of the family with any unmet material needs. To go to the concert, which only you like, without being reckoned with preferences of others. Or we can go for a walk and coffee with a friend, although we have some carpet cleaning to do – we can finish it later. Do not neglect your career because of the professional success of your husband. We have to be supporting, but not always at our expense. All this does not mean to ignore and deny the needs of our loved ones, but to find the time and reasonable resources for our own personality.
  • Dose of healthy selfishness is a guarantee for our happiness, for our mental balance. Peaceful and happy mother, wife or daughter is a thousand times preferable to the nervous from eternal neglecting of her own wishes woman. By the way, relying on the assistance of expert cleaners is one way to express some healthy egoism. Making your life easier is great, right?
  • On one side are the expectations of others, on the other – our desires. Each case is specific, the best, as always, is in the balance, but not always it is possible. The important thing is that when you choose “yourself”, not to feel guilty about it. You have to learn with free soul to deliver small joys to yourself. Do not ignore and forget yourselves at the expense of the people you love.

More loving of yourself will not make you bad people, but will provide you harmonious and fulfilled life.


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