Find the limit between loving and spoiling your kid

Find the limit between loving and spoiling your kid Parenting is a skill that we develop throughout our entire life. We teach and are being taught at the same time.

Nonetheless, the limit between over-caring and spoiling is very thin and blurry. Each parent should estimate it for oneself and set the boundaries of love, even at the risk of many mistakes.

  1. Learn how to say NO and keep that in mind. Never overstep your word with any excuse. If you refused a thing and later step back from that the child will quickly learn how to manipulate your reaction. Make no mistake about that – infants learn tricks just as quick as we do.
  2. Do not treat children as defenseless creations. They are such just as babies. But as they grow they learn how the world is run and adopt, so let them to. Get them involved into daily routines, instead of isolating them. There are activities that are not suitable for children – deep carpet cleaning for example, yet making their beds is a task good enough.
  3. Help the kid develop positive habits. It is natural for children to fall into their parents routine – like sleeping late, eating alone or out of boredom. Change your personal attitude and stand as a role model as you are about to be taken as such
  4. Less is more. There is a saying that the good parent spends twice as much time with his/her kids and twice as less money on them. Do not substitute love with expensive gifts. Thus they will be able to make the difference between cost and value. Will it not be satisfying to know that your teenager knows how to get ready for the costs of his/her end of tenancy cleaning.

And always remember that having a child is a responsibility, not an excuse for turning into a slave for the small child. Also, know that you are allowed to make mistakes in teaching and it is even recommended that you do, as to become a better person and parent.


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