How to respond to verbal attacks and criticism?

How to respond to verbal attacks and criticism?Whether a verbal attack will hit you, it’s relatively – it depends on your mood at the time and how accurate is the attack. But how will you react – this depends only on you. Read more and learn how to respond to such a behaviour:

  • If you do not want to accept any attack personally, look at your opponent. He has a motive to attack someone, he doesn’t do it by chance. What would be his motive, disregarding emotions? To get you angry? Maybe, but for a start, ignore words and notice his state. Check out what appears as an emotion from the expression on his face. It is important to let your emotions aside and analyze the situation with your mind.
  • Take advantage of the emotion of opponents. Turn it to your advantage. Imagine that someone tells you that you are very stupid or incompetent for your job (for example upholstery sanitising) without this to have constructive criticism, just like that in plain text. You have to move the topic of his or her verbal assailant: “May be you are angry, huh?” Thus you show that you noticed the anger of the caller, but his words have not come to you and you have not been defeated.
  • Do not attempt to make psychoanalysis of the enemy. Do not attack like emotional turn, even if you want, even if you know something that will sting him. For example, say something like this: “You are angry and take it out on me because your wife makes you nervous at home, right?” Do not infuse additional poison and do not interfere in other emotions. Don’t continue, because it will become a really ugly scene. For others, who responds to the provocation seems worse. Your carpet cleaners will agree with us.
  • Do not look for revenge! You can not put up with words that make you feel really bad? What will you achieve, starting to get it back?

We wish you good luck and stable nerves in case of verbal attacks. Don’t forget that the smarter person will make a step back.


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