The image of modern father

The image of modern fatherApart from the word “modern”, which in this case is used only to be detached from the patriarchal type of parent, familiar to us all, the father of modern times is the one who knows gestational week in which his pregnant wife is. Or at least he knows what gestational week is. Let’s see more about this contemporary dad:

  • He cares about the mom and he wants to feel the baby when kicking. He speaks to your belly or he has its own way to express his excitement. He knows how tired you feel in the evening and he is not ashamed to prepare dinner for the whole family. He will set the table, and then will even massage your swollen feet. Modern dad will arrange a professional upholstery cleaning procedure in no time.
  • The modern father is interested how your future kid will be born and supports your decision. He will talk to doctors and knows just as much as you, benefits and risks of natural birth and caesarean – for no other reason but to be adequate interlocutor.
  • Modern dad knows the benefits and the advantages of breastfeeding and supports his wife in difficulties through this process. At the beginning he takes control over housekeeping to ensure calm for mother and baby. The only thing that modern dad is incapable is to breastfeed.
  • Dad goes to the children’s playground, and at a parent meeting, and everywhere. He knows the names of best friends, ties ribbons, kisses grazed knees. He reads stories, he even alters voice at the terrible places. He sings songs, brings “a horse” dance, helps at homework and does dictations. He will call the steam carpet cleaners and he will even help them.

So, is your husband a modern dad? Show him this article as example.


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