Bring some changes in your weekly routine

Bring some changes in your weekly routineYou’ve probably had times when the working week has seemed to you the same long and repetitive day. And though we do not underestimate the importance of routine. It is good from time to time to find ways to diversify. Many people like their habits, their repetitive rhythm gives them security and confidence in the otherwise chaotic world. But sometimes with a slight change in everyday life, we can open the door to new experiences and rediscover the joy of small things.

  • Let’s start from the beginning. Morning breakfast always, for instance, a sandwich? Why not replace it with fruit or muesli?
  • Try to insert something different in your outfit for work. Experiment with other colors or accessories.
  • In one day a week you can try a new route to work. If you drive your car, you can try various public transport. You may miss a lot of things (and people) in its path. Who knows?
  • Rearrange your desk or office. Then perform deep carpet cleaning.
  • Dine something completely unusual for your family or go to a new restaurant.
  • Again you watch the same series? Replace it, for example, with a popular science film or music.
  • On weekends you relax at home or if you go out, you rarely do something beyond the ordinary. Here are some ideas for different leisure:
  • Go for a walk in a part of town where you weren’t before. You’d be surprised how many lovely gardens and streets your town may have! Leave the house cleaning for later.
  • Visit a museum or gallery. And what about the theater or concert?
  • You have a particular taste for books, that’s great. Perhaps you will be surprised if you browse any unusual for you reading.

It’s up to you to change your life and to make it more exciting and interesting. Good luck!


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