3 ways to add Japanese style to your interior design

3 ways to add Japanese style to your interior design

Japanese culture is exotic and interesting. So are their ways to decorate their homes. Here are some interesting ideas of how to add some Japanese style to your home, too.

Nature Elements

Japanese culture is based on the love for nature. If you would like to steal some of their ideas, you can start by buying traditional Japanese plants such as bamboo and bonsai. Speaking of indoor flowers, you can also add a beautiful orchid to the list.

When choosing your flooring, chose natural oak wood, not only it adds Japanese style to your interior, but it also looks beautiful. You can also add a sisal rug to make it cozier. For it, you will have to use dry carpet cleaning.

Sliding doors or screens

The sliding doors are an essential part of the Japanese interior design. As the rents and costs of houses and flats are quite high there, Japanese homes tend to be small. That is why they use to divide the rooms with sliding doors. There are a lot of different styles to use and actually these doors and screens can be a very beautiful add-on to your home. They are also easy to move when changing houses. For sure your end of rental cleaners will be happy to see them at your place.

Simple colors

As Japanese culture keeps everything simple and usually is keen on showing the natural beauty of the world, Japanese homes typically use simple colors in design, too. The typical colors you can use are brown, green and blue. When choosing colors, just have a look at the nature and all the colors in it.

Following these easy tips, you can turn your home into a cozier place where you can spend quality time with the people you love.


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