Crafty hands – winter fun

Crafty hands - winter funWinter is the season that we spend most of the time at home or indoors as in general.  This could be the time to use the full capacity of our imagination and go crafty. It would help us stay busy and do something useful, while exploring the passion of hand-made things.

  • Upcycle. There has been a new trend developing recently. Bringing life into old and useless things, by transforming them in beautiful art object. The idea behind that is to keep everything that is about to be thrown away after the spring cleaning by re-purposing it. A good way to cut short the expenses after the lavishing money spend over the Christmas period.
  • Hand-made decors. There is nothing as satisfying as to add our personal style and and ideas into our home interior. May it be refurbishing the cushions of the sofa with hand prints, or manually sewn patterns or having made beautiful holiday decorations from scrap – people will enjoy anything that has been created. And the best part of it would be that it is custom made.
  • Fashion. Every lady wants and loves shopping. But eventually there comes a time when things turn old-fashioned and end up in the garbage. Instead, why not use some imagination and recreate pieces of jewelry, scarves or other types of clothing?All we have to do is just to surf online for free templates. Domestic cleaning may wait a little bit.
  • Gardening. One of the best things to do is to have a plan of how to re-organise the garden once spring is on the doorstep. Renovation is a good idea and we can use almost anything for gardening purposes – old mirrors for pot decorations, useless boots, shoes or pans for playful garden looks….There is nothing impossible or unacceptable.

Feeling crafty already? Trust your instincts and set your imagination free – you will soon love any craft you choose to make and be proud of of your creations. Discover the artist that hides in you and introduce that skill to the world.


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