From the Golden Globes to the Oscars

From the Golden Globes to the OscarsOnce again it is time for the most prestigious movie awards in the history of modern filmmaking. Critics and viewers, actors and directors, tho whole world is anxious – who will be the winner. The red carpet rush is in the doorstep and the style, the figures and perfect looks are about to be photographed from any angle possible. The awards ceremonies are every winter’s most anticipated events. Let’s take a brief look over the history of the two events.

  1. The golden Globe Ceremony distributes awards based on the choices of the 93 members of HFPA – the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The nominees include both American and foreign movies and television productions. The ceremony was firstly held in 1947 and has also been donating funds as a non-profit organisation to institutions related to all kinds of entertainment. Every winner is to be considered a certain Academy award winner in the shortly to be held next great ceremony.
  2. The Oscar Ceremony is considered the most important award in US movie industry. In 2015 it will be held for the 87th time. The awards distribution is a secret voting from all members of AMPAS – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As per rule the most critically acclaimed and talked about awards are those for male/female actor and best movie.
  3. Yet, in the past years audiences do not pay such attention in the nominees or winners, but their outfits and looks one the Red Carpet. Perfectly dressed celebrities walk along a spotlessly cared carpet (through steam carpet cleaning), while rest of the world is evaluating styles, looks and fashion history being made. It is all about glamour – and viewers just cannot get enough of it.
  4. The nights where the critics of the mere ticket buyers can turn out to be as uncompromising to defects as end of lease cleaners are to dirt.

Audiences want and devour more and more. No mistakes are allowed. No second chances are given. It is a life changing opportunity and once in a lifetime event for both sides – celebrities and crowd.


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