Home interior reveals your character


The decor of the house and its overall equipment reveal the taste of their owner, and automatically detect the features of his character. What about you? Do you choose your home interior depending on your character. Perhaps yes. Check out some interior styles and what kind of people prefer them. Perhaps you will find your own personality below:

  • Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style is appropriate for people who love to spend time at home. Even when it comes to meeting with friends, they prefer to take on the role of host and meet them in their cozy home. These are people who love art and literature. This type of home interior features originality, distinct personality and creativity. These individuals always rely on professional carpet cleaning company to maintain high level of hygiene of their rugs.
  • Minimalism at home. The minimalist style of the house is typical for people who are introverts. They love order and are well organized; they were perfectionists, which is evident in the sophisticated details in the interior. They are industrious and spare no forces to achieve their goals. At home they rely on simple and thrifty decor at the expense of elegant and practical furniture. When it comes to sanitising, they would rather call the steam carpet cleaners rather than looking stained rugs.
  • Vintage items. People who stagger in vintage style, a strong characters, they love challenges and know what they want from life. Sometimes they are slightly nostalgic, even romantic, they love to dream, to travel and to learn about new cultures. What they learn and meet, they imported as an element in the interior.
  • Classic interior. The classic interior is characteristic for people with a clear sense of aesthetics. They pay attention to every detail in the interior, in order to achieve the perfect home. Courteous, polite and sociable, they are surrounded by many friends. At home they rely on an elegant interior with a touch of luxury and bohemian life.

What type of personality are you? Do you find a connection with the listed home interior styles?


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