5 love lessons good mothers teach their daughters

Love lessons from mothers to dauthersThere is no doubt, that only your mom may teach you certain lessons for love and life. Your elder sister may not have enough wisdom and your granny may not be as relatable. So, if you’re a mother of a daughter, you’re responsible to teach her these 5 important  lessons. Check them out:

  • In order to get respect, you have to give it at first. You have to model the respect you seek in your partner. In case you take a good care of your body, you feed it well, you treat it well and rest it well, you will attract a partner, that does the same.
  • If you have a relationship, don’t lose yourself in it. You don’t have to stop living the life you deserve when you’re in a relationship. Remind your daughter to keep her friends, her own interests and alone time. The assistance of professional carpet cleaners may help her to enjoy more free time. Wise people say that there is plenty of room for romantic love and self-love.
  • What you chase after runs from you. Don’t forget to teach your daughter not to desperately pursue love. It will arrive when the right time comes. Every person needs a room to breathe. There is no point in running after someone, that doesn’t want to be caught. Tell your daughter that if she acts prudently, she will become even more desirable.
  • Start and stay in a relationship for the right reasons. Teach your beloved daughter that true love means generosity, affection and selflessness. Loneliness, outside pressure, common dwelling and common friends are not reasons to stay with someone. It’s not difficult to perform end of lease cleaning and to quit the rented tenement.
  • Teach your daughter to recognize heartbreak’s advantages. Give her your shoulder and advice especially when she’s brokenhearted. You can remind her that feeling pain is normal and a breakup may be also a lesson itself.

Being a mother is a huge responsibility. If you have a daughter, don’t forget that you’re her best teacher.


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