5 little habits that thieved your happiness last year

5 little habits that thieved your happiness last yearNew Year has come and it’s about time to purge some old habits, that used to steal from your happiness. Remember, that you ultimately become what you repeatedly do, so find out and chase away those manners, that don’t help you. Check out our list:

  • Focusing on each and every small problem. Do you know that the greater part of our joy or misery depends on our attitude, not the circumstances themselves.  So, the conclusion is that stress and frustration are determined by the way we react on them. You have to try to adjust your personal attitude and thus all these negative emotions will be gone. You are not happy from the job of your maids? No problem, just change the company and everything will be fine.
  • Keeping in touch with people who deliberately and continuously hurt you. There are people in our lives that don’t deserve forgiveness, because they do the same over and over again. Stop trying to impress these people and move on. It’s true that it’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.
  • Anticipating to never lose anything. Despite being very tough to comprehend sometimes, there’s a reason for every event in our lives, for every loss. People need to know the pain of loss in order to feel more compassion and to appreciate what they really have and to be thankful, of course.
  • Being more loving to other people than you are to yourself. Accept that there is nothing selfish about self-care. You have to be your own best friend. It’s proven that if you don’t take a good care of yourself, then it’s impossible to take a good care of anyone else.
  • Insisting on being always right. Think about what is more important for you – to love people or just to win arguments. Your mother insists on dry carpet cleaning for your own rug? Leave her and call the professionals. Don’t make it a big deal! Set your priorities and you will find the answer. Actually, at times we must prefer to be wrong, not because we are truly wrong, but because we appreciate our relationship much more than our pride.

Think over these habits and don’t forget that they stole from your happiness. It’s high time to get rid of them, correct?


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