How to recognize the man that isn’t born to be a husband?

How to recognize the man that isn’t born to be a husband When women are yet young and green, they usually date funny and attractive men. Things change, when they grow up. With these, the priorities also change. A matured woman doesn’t look for a super sexy guy, who is going to drive her crazy. On the contrary, she is ready to commit with a reliable and tranquil male with principles and values. The big problem comes, when a woman cannot look for these things in the right place. Wasting time with men, who aren’t responsible and trustworthy, can be really annoying. But let`s deal with that right away! See how to recognize the man that isn’t born to be a husband:

  • No initiative. If your guy cannot make even the simplest decision, you have a serious problem. On the other side, he may let you pick up the restaurants and the vacations type, while he is always in charge for more significant things. The second guy is for you!
  • Wrong priorities. If your guy prefers to eat in fancy restaurants than taking of the house, he isn’t the future husband, either. For instance, paying the carpet cleaners would be a waste of money for him. Though, buying expensive clothes won’t be.
  • Too attached to his buddies. No one says you need to lock your future husbands or never let him watch the football game with the gang. Though, if he prefers to spend all his leisure with the buddies, you will be always left behind.
  • Emotional dramas. First of all, a man is the support at home. If he is the one, who is always too weak with dealing with the problems, better go for a better option for you. And second of all, a woman is emotional, principally. Why does a home need one more crying and unstable person?
  • Not helping you. Remember the day he wanted you to move to his place? You have been very excited? Though, didn’t you get upset that he did not even help you for the end of tenancy cleaning?
  • Blind for the future. Those men, who think and live for this very moment, aren’t reliable, either. Look for a man, who has goals and big ambitions.

Try to avoid these features in a male. And you will soon find the right for you!


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